7de Laan: Where is Paula van der Lecq?

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Last we saw, Paula left the Laan to get divorced in the UK. We haven’t heard a word since.

Of course Diaan Lawrenson left to have a baby, Olivia Rose.

But there hasn’t even been a rumour of her return to 7de laan.

And even more worrying for Paula fans (and there are a few of us) is this picture in the You Magazine of 7de Laan actors and their children.

Pictured are Bertha le Roux Wahl (Emma), Melanie du Bois (Felicity), Hennie Jacobs (Diedrik) and Ivan Botha (Pieter) with their families. And no sign of Diaan and family in sight.

Very surprising as Paula is one of the most popular 7de Laan characters.

Makes one wonder when or rather if Paula will be returning to the Laan.


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