Emma is leaving 7de laan

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I don’t yet know whether to laugh with joy or cry (NOT), but Bertha le Roux who plays Emma is leaving #7delaan after almost 13 years, as reported in Huisgenoot.

It’s not that I want Bertha to leave. I just want Emma to stop the high drama that befalls her far too regularly. How much more tears can one person endure? And here I am not (only) talking of me watching the drama!

How many emotionally immature men can one woman get involved with. (That might actually refer to me too 😉 )

Anyway Bertha has already filmed her last scenes which we will see on 12 December 2014. The spoilers are not yet available for how she will depart.  But knowing Emma and how she attracts drama, we can only imagine that it will be dramatic.

Bertha says she is leaving to spend time with her family and to pursue other projects.



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