7de laan – Altus Sleeps with Kristin

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This past week on 7de Laan started with more of the Kristin/Altus nonsense.  They were openly flirting with each other at the Cosmetique Chantal shoot when Errol catches them.  When he gets Altus alone in arcade,  Errol berates him and tells him a man who would cheat on someone like Paula with someone like Kristin must be crazy.

For once Errol neither gossiped,  nor tried to write a story about what he saw between Altus and Kristin.

Not that the conversation stopped anything.

Before you knew it Altus and Kristin were meeting for drinks to celebrate the end of the shoot. Paula walked into Stasie Ses with Ntabi and saw the two sitting alone. Altus had just told Kristin not to leave now that the job was completed.


The next day Altus got all upset with Paula because she had to work late when he wanted to cook dinner for her, even though he was off ‘working’ late with Kristin for weeks.


And then used the opportunity to have dinner with Kristin. Again they spoke their brand of nonsense.


Altus dropped Kristin at her house after dinner and walked her to her door where they kissed again. Kristin walked into her home and Altus followed where we are led to believe they had sex.


When we next saw them two days later, Kristin was happily dishing out take away coffee, donuts and innuendo. When she and Altus were alone,  she told him that she had rented a hotel room for them.


By now Altus was starting to look like he was getting just a bit bored of Kristin. And maybe feeling guilty. All Altus’ looks look the same, so I can’t really tell what’s going on with him.

However when Vanessa asks him what’s wrong,  he quickly spilled the beans. Not only did he  confess to his infidelity,  he also said Paula didn’t deserve what he was doing to her.


He then went to Paula’s office to take her for dinner.  Paula did most of the talking as usual. Then the two kissed.


Paula is going to be heartbroken when she finds out how her rock (as she likes to call him) cheated on her. Whether she eventually forgives Altus or not, he will never be the same again to viewers.  I can barely stand to look at him and don’t even talk about Kristin!

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