Lerato Moves in with Sechaba #isidingo

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Sechaba and Lerato separately admitted their love for each other to Skhumbuzo yet they still can’t get it together. Both of them hurt each other and now the trust is gone.



Everyone knows they just need a push in the right direction or intervention from a fairy godmother then they will get back together.

An act of the maintenance gods might just do the trick. Lerato’s geaser broke, damaging her carpets and leaving her homeless. She contemplated a few options like booking into the Duncan or at a B&B, but deemed it too expensive.

So she told Zukiswa of a clever plan to get Sechaba to invite her to move into his house until her flat situation is sorted out.  Instead of asking him herself.

The next morning she arrived late to open her salon, bags and all. Sechaba was in a hurry so there wasn’t much opportunity to set her plan in action.


He asked her where she was staying. With a friend she said.


Not having a place to sleep and too proud to ask Sechaba, Lerato ended up at accepting Zukiswa’s invitation  – sleeping at Zukiswa and Sizwe’s place. Sleeping on the floor!


To his credit, Sizwe offered to move in with Duma the following night so Lerato could sleep on the bed with Zukiswa.

Fate stepped in again when Sizwe ran into Sechaba. The conversation ended up with Sechaba finding out Lerato was staying with Zukiswa and Sizwe. He was a bit confused as to why Lerato said she was staying with friends and not told him she needed a place.

He immediately went to the Zondile residence and asked offered Lerato a place to say. In the spare bedroom.


Lerato was so grateful she made him breakfast the following morning.


But then things started going downhill again when Sechaba had an expectation of having a cooked meal for supper. Lerato said she wasn’t having supper since she is on a diet. Sechaba said he would get pizza but wouldn’t share.


Here we go again with these two!

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