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Generations Legacy has Some Talent, hey!

Okay, as I’ve mentioned before, I was not happy with the way things ended with the actors of the old Generations. They deserved every cent they earned and much more. I still hope they get compensated for loss of income. With that said… I’m slowly but surely getting hooked on Generations Legacy and it’s mostly

A Look Back at last week’s #7delaan 10/04/2015

This past week had a lot more of an even spread of stories and people on our screens. So 7de laan was easier to watch. Plus I like all things Sonja these days. THE GOOD Sonja moving into Emma’s old flat with Wian was very sweet. And furnishing her flat with things Oom Oubaas brought

Paula Dumps Eben and Wants Altus Back #7delaan

When we last saw Paula on 7de laan, she was all packed and ready to go on an African safari with Eben to the Victoria Falls with tons of new clothes and matching jewellery in loads of suitcases. Altus saw the same thing. When we tuned into the soapie tonight we found out that Paula

Eben Gets the #7delaan Gossip Treatment

Altus was having coffee in the reopened Oppiekoffie when he saw Marko talking to Dali and Eben. When he got Marko alone he wanted to know who he was. Marko told him the guy’s name is Eben and he does African tours. Altus told him Paula is seeing the guy. And when Marko said he

Paula and Eben Meet -First Impressions #7delaan

The very minute Paula noticed Eben taking an interest in her in Oppie Koffie, she was back to her old ways. Tossing her now much shorter and less blonder hair all over the place, touching her hair and face and smiling. Paula was back in the game! Getting her flirt on. Eben (read more about

What is Chris Edwards Doing on 7de Laan?

So there was Chris Edwards, looking all un-Chris Edwards like, in the Deli on 7de Laan last week. We got a quick intro through a conversation with Neville Meintjies. His new name is Wesley and he is in the media game. Could he turn into a rival for Neville and Tim? He had a menacing
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