Last Week on 7de Laan 22/04/2016

Fortunately we got another week of Ty last week.  I savoured every moment of his time on screen! Things went wrong with the whole idea of smuggling him to Dubai in Hilda’s couch.  Oom Oubaas took the couch back and Ty managed to escape. He then hid out and eventually contacted Gita who gave him

Last week on 7de laan 15/04/2016

Last week was Ty’s final week on 7de laan for now.  I hope we’ll see him sometime in the future – I need something to hold onto 🙂 Ty was once again outwitted by his mother.  Of course we didn’t know Gita was his mother until recently, but that’s besides the point. Gita was released

Last week on 7de laan 01/04/2016

Last week we still saw Sifiso bitching and moaning about Bernard and Nandi’s new relationship. The amount of time Sifiso’s spent crying over his ‘break-up’ is now officially longer than the total length he chased and dated Nandi.  Isn’t there some kind of rule against that? Meanwhile Nandi and Bernard were having real conversations about their budding

Last Week on 7de laan 25/03/2016

Last week on 7de laan, Bernard and Nandi shared a kiss.  Realising that she only had friendly feelings towards Sifiso, Nandi broke up with him.  Sifiso did not take it well at all!  He nagged and acted a like a 6 year old brat when he couldn’t get his way. Firstly, it’s not as if

Last week on 7de laan 04/03/2016

Last week I fast forwarded a lot on 7de laan. The prison scenes, Matrone and her drama, Hilda and Gita were all pretty much fast forward material for me. I still enjoyed seeing Tony though. And Bonita. Which makes the prison story worthwhile. So let’s start with Bonita… The noose is tightening for Bonita Meintjies!

Last week on 7de laan 26/02/2016

Last week I was shocked to find out that Kim is an Aries! As a fellow Aries that hurt 😉 What I’m going to say now is not because of what I just wrote above…but I sort of enjoyed the Kim and Matrone scenes. It was entertaining (says I against my better judgement.) Kim and

Last week on 7de laan 18/02/2016

Let me start with the bad news first. Elaine was institutionalised for her murder/suicide attempt. With not a goodbye nor another glimpse of her. I already miss that psycho girl. The police couldn’t find the gun Elaine threatened Willem and Felicity with, not knowing that Ty had taken his gun away. Although Felicity suspected it. When

Altus says goodbye to Paula and to 7de laan

It’s been building up ever since Kristin pitched up in Hillside with Altus’ son just after Paula found out that Altus had a secret vasectomy after their first divorce. So it was almost a relief when Altus decided to take a break from the consequences of his decisions. A coward to the bitter end. Paula

Last week on 7de laan 12/02/2016

Xander was sentenced to 4 years in prison last week on 7de laan. And the video evidence of a scared looking Natalie was apparently the nail in his proverbial coffin. Whatever, 7de laan! On poor Xander’s first day he was already targeted by his fellow inmates, with no help from the prison guard. On the
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