7de Laan Recap Week 8 May

Generally I watch 7 de laan while working out, so sometimes I miss a lot of stuff happening.

Sometimes it helps to miss some things.

I’m probably the only person in the entire country who is not a Charmaine fan – that woman and her daughter works on my last nerve with their whinning ways.

So Charmaine is still in love with Neville, but she will rather go around moping and acting  as if everything is okay, instead of saying something.

Argh, I hate martyrs!

And that darn Neville tells Felicity he is into her when he’s obviously not.

Don’t get me started on my second least favourite character on the entire laan – Vanessa.  Arghhhhhh someone, please stop her whining.

It still boggles my mind that Xander married her instead of Felicity.  As she is the most unattractive (not physically) person and brings absolutely nothing but gloom to a room.

And San-Marie nagging poor Diederick to get a better job, encouraging him to apply for something he isn’t qualified for nor interested in.

Looks like Altie and Marko are will fight over their new female colleague  soon – will Marko lose out again?

Seems like Gita is in for a big letdown soon.  Tim is making it quite clear that he won’t be leaving his wife any time soon for her.

What a witch that woman is though – cozying up to Tim and later having tea with Linda, his wife.  What the heck?

All her scheming and machinations will likely come to nothing – other than egg on her face again.

Even though I love to hate Gita, she’s a great villain – if the writers soften her a little once in a while like they did with Sandra, she could be a long term character.


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