Recap 7de Laan Week ending 14 May

At least we were not subjected to Vanessa’s tantrums this week, although her silences were as loaded as can be.

Always playing the victim, the newest Mrs Meintjes spent the week giving her husband Xander and his business partner Helena mournful looks while they were busy planning the gallery’s opening.

Why Xander chose that miserable, negative woman above Felicity is still beyond me.

To make matters worse, she turned up at the gallery opening in her deli uniform, instead of dressing up like the co-owners wife.

That Vanessa drives me nuts!

Looks like 7de laan is tackling it’s first inter-racial relationship.

With most other soapies it’s not even an issue anymore.

Anyway the last of the single Meintjies men, Vince, seems to be keen on the new employee at Bruynwaves and the feelings seems mutual.

Once again Marko is making a total fool of himself, going after a woman who has no interest in him. When will he learn?

Actually the writers are making him very one dimensional. It’s as if losing out on his two latest love interests has had absolutely no effect. There’s no self reflection, no nothing.

The planning for Felicity’s fashion show is on track with a ‘famous’ singer Natasha, in the form of Ilse Klink, turning up on the Laan.

Natasha has been nothing but a pain so far, with more troubles no doubt in the fashion show’s future.

By the looks of things, Charmaine is either going to quit the coffee shop, or she’s going to reduce her time there. Perhaps she and Neville will be jetting off to the US soon?

We all know a reunion is in the cards.

The best part of the week was Gita getting dumped! That Tim is a pig, the way he treated his wife! But having Marius Weyers around has been brilliant!

Shame, poor Linda was really losing it there for a while. She did the right thing to take herself out of town, instead of losing her dignity further.

There’s very little chance that Gita will go gently into that good night.

We can surely expect some Fatal Attraction antics soon.

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