7de Laan Goes BEE

On last week’s 7de Laan race raised it’s head for the first time on the Laan.

Since the start of the soapie, characters of the various races lived, played and worked side by side, without showing any romantic interest across the colour line.

Things changed in the last two weeks with the introduction of the new employee at Bruynwaves who’s been showing interest in the deli’s Vince and vice versa.

Then out of no where we were shown Kabelo taking the initiative during a crisis.  Next thing you know Charmaine called a few of the regulars over after to work to make an announcement.

We were led to believe that something huge was about to happen, but it was only to announce Kabelo’s promotion to assistant manager.

All hell broke loose with Diederick, the usually sedate waiter.

Diederick, under pressure from his girlfriend San-Marie to be a bit more ambitious, suddenly showed some life and demanded to know why Kabelo was promoted above him.

He accussed Charmaine of  making a BEE appointment when she chose the black Kabelo instead of him.

Diederick and Charmaine got into a heated discussion, with Diederick adamant that he was not promoted because of the colour of his skin.  Charmaine strongly denied the accussation.

The rest of the week saw Charmaine meeting up with an old school friend, upsetting both Errol and Neville.

Neville while romancing Felicity, kept getting jealous at the sight of Charmaine’s old friend.  This must be the most boring love triangle ever.  Two middle aged people acting like teenagers and not in a good way!

Gita was seen moping around, with no sign of revenge yet.  It can’t be long before we see some action there.

Oh and poor Paula after being excited about her novel, was insulted by her heroine.  She locked herself in her room for a while her flatmates and neighbours tried to coax her out.

Looks like Paula is off to find herself again – arghh nooooo!  Paula  – my favourite 7 de laan character by far – is one of the best (and worst) things about the Laan.

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