7de Laan Teasers June 2009

Spoilers for the month of June is up on tvsa.co.za.

Looks like 7de Laan is sommer going all the way with the whole racial issue in June.

Ciska and Vince will start dating -but  is that still an issue in this day and age?  Maybe I’m just used to seeing interacial couples in my neck of the woods to think anything of it.

Isidingo and Generations and probably all the other local soapies have long ago dealt with that issue and moved on.

Coupled with the Neville/Charmaine/Felicity story beind dragged  rehash and Vanessa/Xander/Studio 7 /Helena situation , doesn’t look like the most eventful month.

Looks like Paula has gone off to find herself again – she is/was in a play in Cape Town with her boyfriend Jody Abrahams  recently and they opened a restaurant somewhere in the Cape.

I will certainly miss Paula.


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