7de Laan: Emma’s Weight Loss

Gorgeous Emma, played by Bertha Wahl (Le Roux) on 7de Laan carried a bit of weight when we first met her. 


She returned from maternity to the 7de Laan set  a bit heavier but subsequently lost 10kg through Weigh-less.

According to Sarie, Bertha reached a peak and then…nothing.

She then went on another diet called Dr Cohen’s first personal diet and lost 15 kg in two months!  She now wears a size 32.

The diet is apparently based on your blood test results.

  • You take a blood test in a nearby lab.
  • Your blood sample is put thru multiple tests. (Sugar level, liver functions, and more).
  • The results are sent to our doctors at the 1st Personal Diet.
  • Our doctors prescribe you with a personal eating program based on YOUR blood test results.
  • According their website,  the diet:

  • Is a balanced eating plan and not a high protein diet.
  • Exotic foods aren’t needed (just the food already in your kitchen).
  • You may eat many types of food on the program (various types of red/white meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, etc.).
  • No “tonics” or “pills” are involved… your food becomes your medicine so food quantities and combinations become very important!
  • A Day of Bertha’s Diet Plan looks something like this:
    She can put together her on daily menu, which inlcudes protein and vegetables.
    Daily she can have up to 5 Crackerbread biscuits and 2 fruits, as well as diet cold drinks, coffee and tea(with sweatner – no milk or sugar) and enough water.

    * Mornings
    An egg with spinach or mushroom and
    1 Crackerbread-biscuit.
    Coffee or tea.

    * Snack
    When she feels for something sweet, Bertha puts some cinnamon on a Crackerbread biscuit and eats with with a piece of fruit.

    * Afternoon
    A tin of tuna with half a tomato, baby marrow, mushrooms, cucumber and balsamic vinegar.

    * Snack
    A piece of fruit and Crackerbread biscuits.

    * Evening
    Stir fry with chicken or red meat(no fat) and vegetables.


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