7de Laan’s Fashion Show

What on earth was that???

Okay, so I’m used to 7de Laan’s over the top fashion shows by now – with dance numbers and all.

As much as I like Felicity…But sjoe, those clothes for the most part were ugly!

Some of the evening wear was fine, but for the rest I wouldn’t be seen dead in them…and I’m no diva like Natasha.

Those pyjama pants were not flattering on anyone – I see now why Annelie asked if Felicity was designing a pyjama range!

The most impressive part of the fashion show was Alice’s singing.  I’ve never been much of a fan of her singing before, but wow! She was great.

Emma looked fantastic after her weight loss – she exuded confidence and looked stunning.

Paula looked gorgeous in her evening wear, but then again she can wear pretty much anything and look good.

The ending when Altie went looking for Paula was sad though – those two are my favourite part of the soapie.

So no more Paula for a few months! Argggghhhh!

But also no fashion show for at least another year…yayyyyy!!!

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