Mid Week 7de Laan Chat

Things are a bit dreary on the Laan with Neville walking around like a bear with a sore head and Gita moping around for a married man.

It would really be merciful to us viewers if the 7de Laan writers would just end the Felicity/Neville/Charmaine/Clive quadrangle.

It’s boring!

Why one earth would they bring on a boring man like Clive to pair with a boring person like Charmaine?

Don’t even get me started about boring Neville and Felicity!

Could they please condition Felicity’s hair while they’re at it or style it properly or something?

Look at Oprah’s hair…it’s as wild as Felicity’s but get’s tamed to perfection with good hair conditioning products, a blow dryer and a GHD.

Can the Moolman sisters Helena and Isabelle get left in peace for 5 minutes?

Looks like Helena is getting a stalker in the form of the new artist she discovered.

Nothing good can come from this story.

And Herman, new owner of T&T…What the heck happened to Deon Coetzee?? He looks like’s he’s been through some tough times – fair from the clean faced son of Elsa on Egoli.

So Ciska and Vince are officially dating…whatever! Not looking forward to the whole interracial nonsense.
Most people date whoever they mutually fall in love with these days.

It’s only been 2 days, but Paula is already sorely missed.


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