7de Laan Mid-Week Chat

Time flies by when you’re having fun. 

The week is nearly over and still Neville and Charmaine have not told Felicity about their situation.  The poor girl (who has more chemistry with a door knob than with Neville) still thinks she has a boyfriend.

Shame it’s been a while since poor Felicity was happy in a relationship.  Remember, it was with Zander – then he cheated on her with her then best friend Vanessa.

Bertus, Bertus, Bertus! What more can I say.  That guy is delusional and deranged!

Helena should have seen the signs from the beginning and now that nag Vanessa is going to be right. Argggh I can’t stand Vanessa! Especially self-righteous Vanessa!

Gita has come up with a plan to have Tim thinking that Linda was having an affair in his abscence.  Ai! You wouldn’t think it possible that anyone would believe that.

Miss Resident Evil however blackmailed some rather handsome antique store owner to set up the situation.

Linda, innocent as ever, is falling right into the trap set by her so-called best friend.

Geewhiz, I think I will skip having a best friend if I resided in the Laan.

So far we have best friends Vanessa and Felicity trading partners, Charmaine and Felicity, Isabelle lying to Felicity by ommission re the Neville situation, Gita cheating with Linda’s husband, Marko dating his cousin’s not so ex, ex.

The list goes on and on and the week isn’t even over yet.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Bertus and Helena.  Wednesday night ended rather ominously.

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