7de Laan and Race

Oh my good heavens, is 7de Laan writers living in the 21st century?

In the few years the soapy has been on the air characters have worked together mixed socially and shared flats and houses with nary an eyebrow lifted.

You would have been forgiven for thinking 7de Laaners didnt even know race existed.

Then one day out of the blue, mild-mannered Diederick accussed Charmaine of being racist for promoting Kabelo to assistant manager.

The same Diederick who lives in Charmaine’s house and eats at her table.

The whole storyline was beyond belief.

Totally absurd.

As if someone suggested they discuss race.

Other soaps like Isidingo does it so much, more naturally.

If 7de Laan was set in the Platteland you could still believe what happens with the next storyline.

But it’s supposedly set in a cosmopolitan suburb of Johannesburg.

So seeing mixed race couples cant exactly be a rarity in Jo’burg.

Heck! In last week’s You they had 3 mixed couples getting engaged or married.

Two of those on are working on the 7de Laan set – Diaan Lawrenson (Paula) and Jacques Blignaut (Vince). All of them live in Jo’burg!

So Vince and Ciska’s new romance is a non-event. Or should be.

But nooo!

The writers had Matrone questioning the brand new relationship.

Then this evening two coloured guys accosted Vince in Oppiekoffie.

The whole racial aspect of the storyline feels forced and unnecessary.

Makes no sense to me in the context of 7de Laan.

In reality mixed race couples deal with family issues.

For the most part society as a whole does not give a damn who dates whoever.

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