7de Laan: Charmaine, Neville and Felicity

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Can that so-called love triangle between Charmaine, Neville and Felicity be any worse than it already is?

I doubt it!

Firstly, Felicity and Neville do not have chemistry, have nothing in common, never spent time together nor do they have a friendship or proper love relationship.

They are awkward together.

So why is Felicity all of a sudden – just before getting shot – so in love with Neville?

Sorry, this is plot driven nonsense.

Even worse is Charmaine and Neville secretly seeing each other.


To make Charmaine a martyr again?

And to let Neville look like a knight in shining armour?

Actually it makes all three look stupid.

Now we have Felicity probably paralysed also playing a martyr.

She doesnt want to burden Neville, so now we the viewer have to be burdened with this mess.

If everyone had acted like mature adults, Felicity would not have gotten shot while waiting for Neville and Charmaine would have had to find something else to be a martyr about.

This is one storyline I hope gets resolved very soon.

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