Isidingo is Improving

Isidingo has been in the storyline wilderness ever since Cherel de Villiers Haynes disappeared from Horizon Deep.

Actually it was pretty bad even before then.

Now though it seems they are getting their groove back.

They even have a typically detestable soapie bitch in the form of a recast, Kimberley.

She makes Barker Haynes look Ghandi himself.

Okay, I dont understand why Barker let that woman blackmail him into marrying her.

Isnt Barker smart enough to know that fathers have rights?

Harriet has enough money to hire a lawyer to get visitation rights.

Barker lent his camera to Farrow to tape Braam Le Roux. Why not use that same cam to tape Kimberley and her threats?

Isidingo did need a good bitch though. Someone viewers could love to hate.

I hope Barker double crosses her. Never thought the day would come when I would side with Barker Haynes!

Farrow is another character that has grown on me – over a very long time.

Her little dance with Braam le Roux is interesting.

I hope the le Rouxs stay around, especially the children.

Isidingo needs another core family.

Although I like Priya and Frank, Lolly and Frank are also growing on me.

Lolly’s crush is so sweet and realistic. Frank though seems to be falling for her.

Maybe Rajesh and Priya could work too? Its just too obvious and could get boring very fast.

Usually Stella’s antics are funny, but why is she turning nasty?

Maybe Vleis should make a visit again.

Spreading gossip about Nandipha sleeping with Johnny is just nasty.

Meanwhile Johnny and Nandipha are falling in love.

Very sweet.

7de Laan should take a look at writing an interracial from Isidingo.

All in all Isidingo was pretty entertaining last week.

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