7de Laan Teasers for July 2009

So July brings a ghost to the Heights. The less said the better.

And Im not even talking about that slimy man, Dawid Greef, who is also returning.

This time to charm Gita – two soapie snakes, for sure.

Gita meanwhile gets what she wants.


Linda is heartbroken, but Gita the witch advises her to get a good divorce lawyer. Zander again? He practices all sorts of law.

Meanwhile Emma sees Gita and Tim together and spills the beans by mistake to Linda.

Thank goodness!

Gita unsurprisingly threatens Emma.

Ciska seems to be bi-polar or something as she seems to be the problem between her and her mother.

Charmaine, Neville and Felicity just keep going. Boring.

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