7de Laan: Tim and Gita

Has there ever been two more digusting people in the Laan than that Tim and Gita?

I’m not even sure I know who is worse – the disgusting cheating husband or the so-called best friend who saw the pain on poor Linda’s face!

Tim should be ashamed of himself!  I hope he and Gita get what they deserve from the Laan’s gossip mill.

‘Cause you know once the other residents of the Laan find out, Gita is going to be the one to feel the heat.

Time and Gita deserve each other though!

Linda is a sweet, kind person, but unfortunately this is what happens in real life as well, perhaps with far less manipulation from the other woman than what Gita did.

Older man leaves wife who helped him build his family and career and then moves on with a younger woman.

If Tim’s marriage was really as over as he says it is, why did he not first leave his wife, divorce her and then start another relationship?

Because he is a coward! 

He will find out sooner rather than later that Gita is a snake.  She goes after what she wants – but I wonder what she will do now that she’s got her man.

All the excitement of clandestine meetings and all the drama of not seeing him will be gone – they’ll have to deal with each other honestly.

But since they’ve cheated, we all know that they won’t completely trust each other to be faithful.  That’s of their relationship even last long enough to get to that point.

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