7de Laan Teasers August 2009

Looks like August is going to be the month Gita gets some of what she deserves – could Tim be seeing that snake of a woman for what she is?

Either way, Tim doubts his decision to leave Linda and their children and starts avoiding Gita. Oh my! Couldn’t be happier what that state of affairs. Will Linda want him back though?

Felicity finds out that Neville isn’t really into her…is she blind as well as paralysed? That man acts more like her father than a friend, much less a boyfriend. She tells him to not stay with her out of guilt. That’s how we know Felicity to be.

Charmaine and Neville shares a dinner date, so it looks like they’re getting back together. Please writers, stop making those two adults act like teenagers with their making/breaking up/pining away saga. Just put them together and leave them like that!

Errol and that silly girl Janine are still on their little merry-go-round. At least Errol isn’t following her bad habits.

Ciska leaves the Laan! Yayyyy! Who can handle that girl’s moods? I wish they had written her story differently, because she fits in on the Laan.

Mandla and Alice’s wedding plans goes on all month with obstacles and their usual breaking up situation. Arghhh boring!

Seems like Gita is going to use Dawid Greeff in her revenge on Emma! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Hopefully it backfires and Gita herself falls for Dawid. We all know how Dawid cannot be faithful to any women – is his character based on Steve Hofmeyr? Just wondering 🙂

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