Last week’s 7de Laan

The Laan’s residents have been quietly going about their dramas.

Neville and Charmaine are behaving almost exactly like Errol and Janine. Two love sick teenaged couples.

I cannot wait for that stupid story of Felicity, Neville and Charmaine to be over.

Anyway, as soon as Neville is back with Charmaine, he will almost certainly put her needs last…again.

Looks like Tim is regretting his affair with Gita.

He looks like a tired old man (though I think Marius Weyers is hotter now than ever) and Gita’s appeal seems lost on him.

Will Linda take him back though after the humiliation she suffered.

Gita is setting plans in place to take revenge on Emma! With Dawid Greeff no less.

Will smart Emma fall for that known womaniser?

She and Herman are sweet together. I hope they survive Gita and Dawid.

The gallery, Zander and Vanessa…boring.

Then again any story with Vanessa annoys me. My least favourite character who never seems to grow even though she had a dramatic life losing the love of her life Aubrey, her dad and her child.

And yet Vanessa still acts the same as she did on day 1. Like spoilt brat.

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