7de Laan Couples

One of my most favourite current 7de Laan couples is Emma and Herman.

For the first time Emma has an adult relationship that looks normal.

She and Ryno looked uncomfortable together, Tonie acted like a stalker and Jan Hendrik didn’t love her in a romantic way.

Other 7de laan couples I like is:

  1. Paula and Altie. My favourite 7de Laan couple of all time. They are sweet together and even sweeter when they’re longing to get together. Opposites attract in the case of Paula and Altus.
  2. Oubaas and Hilda were sweet right from the start. And his sayings and her knitting and cooking make them our favourite quirky couple.
  3. Felicity and Zander. I dont know why the writers broke this couple up, because the were sweet and well-suited.
  4. Ryno and Isabelle. Despite Isabelle’s moments of insanity, this couple works because they’re equals. I like that they seem to be heading back together.

My least favourite couple has to be Vanessa and Zander. They seem forced when they try to act in love and Vanessa can only act angry.

Now I wonder if I’m missing any other favourites and not so favourites.


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