7de Laan: Neville and Charmaine

7de_Laan_logo__jpgSo last night the long awaited reunion between Charmaine and Neville took place on the laan.

When Charmaine heard that Felicity had found out about that Charmaine and Neville had rekindled their romance, Charmaine in her usual martyr fashion decided to leave the laan and move to Cape Town.

Of course someone – Diederick – overheard and told Felicity that Charmaine was moving.

While the former married couple were discussing her move, Felicity overheard a conversation where Neville told Charmaine that he only loved her and that he would only ever love her.

There and then Felicity told Charmaine that she had no reason to move and that she (Felicity) did not want to be with someone who was in love with someone else.

She claimed to love Neville enough to let him go – but we, the viewer, know that there was very very little romance between Neville and Felicity. Anyhow…

Neville took a bunch of red roses to Charmaine at the coffee shop and told everyone present (including Zinzi, Vanessa, Errol and Zander) that they were back together.

Everyone said they were happy for the couple, except sourpuss Vanessa (as usual) and Errol (who just looked confused).

Tonight we will likely see the reaction of the family – with Vanessa probably giving her mother a hard time…again.

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