7de Laan: Emma and Dawid Greeff

In the last week or so Dawid Greeff has been putting the moves on sweet Emma.

Of course he’s been set up by resident Laan witch Gita as revenge for Emma’s small role in leaking Gita’s affair with Tim, to his wife!

So far the plan to get Emma to fall for Dawid is going well.

He has somehow managed to insinuate himself into Emma’s life.

However Emma has a lovely boyfriend Herman and they are very much in love.

Will Dawid be able to steal Emma’s heart and then break it?

I’m guessing that the tables are going to be turned on Mr Dawid Greeff and that he’s the one who will be charmed by Emma.

He’s the one who will be falling for Emma who will reject him!

I hope the 7de Laan writers take that route.

Its pay back time and Dawid should be the one paying this time!


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