7de Laan Teasers for September 2009 – A pregnancy?

September in the Laan continues with Errol and Janine’s up and down relationship. At least Errol isn’t going off the deep end with his girlfriend.

She and her BFF Yvonne seem to be partying up a storm. Drugs even?

Neville will spend the month trying to propose to Charmaine. They decide to get married at the magistrate’s court. But you know how the people on the Laan are. An impromptu wedding is likely in the works.

Herman gets jealous of the attention Dawid Greeff bestows on Emma. And Dawid finds out about Gita’s lies that made him agree to pursue Emma.

He decides to drop the plan.

Could this mean a triangle between Herman, Emma and Dawid. Will Emma really fall for Dawid?

Gita meanwhile rains on Tim and Linda’s parade by telling Zinzi a secret – about her being pregnant.

Tim is thrown when he finds out, but doesn’t tell Linda. Linda finds out via the grapevine and asks Xander to represent her in a quick divorce.

Not that Tim blindly believes Gita’s story. In fact he tells her that he doesn’t.

Gita is rushed to hospital for what the Laan’s rumour mill believes to be a miscarriage.

Lobola negotiations continues for Alice and Mandla – the whole freaking month!

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No Paula yet in September!

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