7de Laan: Gita Pregnant?

Oh my…Gita told Zinzi that she’s pregnant. She also asked Zinzi not to tell anyone, especially not Emma.

Yeah right!

As if Zinzi has ever kept a secret and actually she already blurted out the story to Aggie.

It’s just a matter of time before the entire Laan knows.

But is the Laan’s resident bitch really pregnant or is she trying to get Tim back in her life?

Tim looks like he’ll be more than willing to go back. He told Neville that he’s heart is with Gita.

As if the Laan didn’t already have a martyr, now Tim is trying wrestle the title from Charmaine, by staying with Linda out of obligation and loyalty.

I hope Linda kicks Tim’s arse to the curb when she finds out about the pregnancy.

Be sure – she’ll find out. It’s the Laan afterall.


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