7de Laan: Clara vs Paula

Clara While I haven’t exactly thought of the two as rivals since way back when Clara lost interest in Altus and moved with her boyfriend to a farm, the comparison was again evident when Clara returned from Wit River (or is it Witbank) complete with phone calls from a stranger.

That’s of course Paula’s usual modus operandi. 

Remember… on one of her visits to Witbank, Paula returned with the Flooze in tow – after Paula apparently stole her boyfriend.

But now that Paula’s off on her latest quest to find herself, Clara pretty much had the Laan (and two thirds of its male population) to herself.

And she been working it in her dumb brunette way – charming everyone and his dog with her innocence and lack of Afrikaans grammar.

While Clara is charming in an innocent way, Paula is snobbier and a bit on the stuck up side – yet she has her own charm and a sweet vulnerability.

Paula plays the dumb blonde when needed and somehow evolved into a wordsmith – speaking in flowery Afrikaans not often heard on the streets.Paula

Her relationship with Altus is what really softened Paula up from just being a ditzy, stuck up blonde. 

Both Clara and Paula bring comic relief to the Laan as their innocence in the case of Clara and over self-confidence in Paula’s case is usually played up.

Paula is due back on our screens in the next few weeks.

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s place for both Clara and Paula on the Laan.


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