7de Laan: Dawid Greef vs Herman. Who should Emma choose?

First we have current boyfriend Herman.

Herman was sweet and straight forward with Emma right from the start.

He told her he liked her and saw a future for them together.

From the start Herman treated Emma as an equal, unlike Jan-Hendrik and Ryno.

But recently he showed a rather nasty side to his personality.

His jealousy and anger issues are not a pretty sight.

In mitigation, he has reason to worry.

A possessive man…?

Then there’s our friend Dawid Greef who is forbidden fruit, if nothing else.

Dawid is charming, if you like slimy men.

He’s an artist which is a plus. And I reckon a relationship with Dawid Greef would be passionate and exciting.

At first.

Emma already knows how Dawid treated his first wife, Tiffany.

And she knows how he treated Helena, Annelie, San-Marie and Isabel.

What makes her think this particular leopard can change his spots?

Both men seem to be smitten by the lovely Emma.

Both are elligible on the surface.

Both have a huge character flaw.

But then again, who’s really perfect?

So even though both Herman and Dawid look like both rich and slim pickings, whats a newly confident Emma to do?


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