7de Laan: Argh No Emma. Not Dawid Greeff!

Looks like Emma has made her choice and opted for that sleazeball Dawid Greeff!

To make matters worse she treated Herman like crap.

Ignoring his calls, refusing to be upfront with him and then lying about having feelings for Dawid.

She didn’t even have the guts to tell Herman that Dawid Greef was who she wanted.

Don’t get me started on that Dawid Greeff.

Firstly the actor who plays him is a terrible actor when he has to show emotion.

I feel more embarrassed for him when he does his love sick puppy look.

He played a devil-may-care playboy very well, but his in love self just doesn’t ring true.

I want to reach for the remote every time he looks for or hangs around Emma.

Right now I’m not liking either Emma or Dawid freaking Greeff.

It’s good that Herman put Emma on the spot in tonight’s episode and told her to make up her mind right that minute.

We can only hope Herman maintains his dignity and let Emma go her own way.

Cause she will get burned.

It’s not as if Dawid Greeff is going to settle down and live happily ever after with anyone.

He’s good for a roll in the hay, but that’s all.

Like the saying goes, “if someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.”


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