7de Laan Teasers for October 2009

Looks like the most interesting storyline in the Laan during October will be Clara getting a new best, best Friend!

Could it be Marko? Those two are best suited. Both are players of the highest order.

For the rest of the storylines…

Neville and Charmaine gets married again.

The most mismatched couple Xander and Vanessa have a fight and as we’ve come to expect from her, Vanessa throws a tantrum and moves out.

Xander spends half of October trying to get her to move back. Who knows why.

Janine gets deeper into trouble and drags Errol down with her. She eventually, after annoying us for a few more weeks, gets caught stealing.

The Mandla and Alice wedding saga continues. At least firm wedding plans are made. But who cares. Alice is a spoilt brat and Mandla a stubborn fool.

Hillside Times gets a new journalist to replace Paula. She could be trouble i.e. short term.

Gita tells Emma she paid Dawid Greeff to pursue her. Arghh…that means Dawid and his puppy-dog-i’m-acting-like-someone-so-in-love-look will still be in the Laan.

But will Herman leave the Laan?

Still no Paula, but there’s a glimmer of hope right at the end of the month. Or maybe its wishful thinking.

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