7de Laan: Can Dawid Greeff Be Redeemed?

The 7de Laan writers appear to be in the process of making Dawid Greeff into a changed man.

All because of Emma.

What a load of nonsense.

He’s supposed to have never been in love and that’s the reason he treated his wife, daughter and numerous girlfriends like crap.

I can believe that of Marko. Because he doesn’t go to the same extent as Dawid did to hurt people.

Marko is a single man having fun with other single women.

Dawid was a married man who cheated on his wife and child.

He went out of his way to hurt women. Not just bed and move on, but made these women believe he’s ‘the one’ and then dumped them.

Not that the women are blameless.

Now all of a sudden we are to believe that he’s changed.

Had a road to Damascus experience and his past is gone.

No hours long therapy or chats with his new girlfriend about his reasons for being so mean to women.

Maybe a bit of self reflection from Dawid Greeff might make him more sympathetic?

I doubt it though because the actor isn’t good enough to give the character depth.

And few viewers really believe Dawid Greeff has changed, regardless of his argument to the contrary.


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