7de Laan: Paula’s Coming Back

Thanks to 7de laan fan Kelly for spreading the news of the return of Paula van der Lecq, fashion editor (amongst many other things) of the Hillside Times. Paula

According to snaparazzi.co.za Paula will be back on the canvas 10 December and make a permanent return on 22 December. (Permanent until Paula has to go find herself again, doubtlessly!)

Diaan Lawrenson has already started filming Paula’s scenes.

And now for the wait…

The Laan has been getting a little on the boring side in the last while with my least favourite characters completely dominating the show.

Not to mention a Vanessa/Xander storyline on it’s way this month.  Gag me now!

At least Clara is there for entertainment value until we have Paula back on 10 December!


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