7de Laan November Teasers 2009

Thanks to Kelly of 7de Laan Fansite for the heads up on the spoilers for 7de Laan November 2009.

2nd November
Alyce asks San-Mari to be one of her bridesmaids. Hilda wants to decorate the flat in an African Rainbow theme. San-Mari is worried about Theron and Terreblanches’ financial status. Tim is impressed with Elsabés’ research on the poolwater. Alyce hears that their wedding must be at both hers and Mandla’s parents’ houses. Mandla asks Marko, Diederik and Kabelo to be his groomsmen. Gita hears about Theron and Terreblanche’s financial status.

3rd November
Vanessa and Vince decide they have to do something about the decorating of Hilda’s flat and they ask a few people for help. Altus offers to help Diederik with his audio visual presentation. Gita gets two options for a teambuilding weekends and her mind starts working overtime. Emma gets Oubaas and Hilda out of the flat so that Vanessa and her team can transform the place. Charmaine offers her house to Mandla and Alyce for their wedding seeing that both their families are so far.

4th November
Charmaine realises that her house is too small to fit everyone in and they decide to move the wedding to Oppiekoffie. Alyce has a fit when she sees the shoes that have been chosen for her to wear on her wedding day. Elsabé finds out that there is something wrong with the content of chemicals in the swimming pool and she assumes that Oom Pottie is involved. Gita tries to persuade Herman to agree to a business deal, but he makes it clear that he’s not interested.

5th November
Alyce is in tears because she still has not heard from her parents and she asks Hilda and Oubaas to be her parents for her wedding day. Mandla’s uncles are not impressed that an events company is organising the wedding. Mandla realises that he completely forgot about the Sheep he was supposed to get and Altus has to come up with a plan. The guys and ladies are hard at work, practicing their songs and dances. Refilwe pitches up and after a fight with Alyce, she demands that they cancel the whole wedding.

6th November
Alyce finds out that her mother has a drinking problem and that she wasn’t on a shopping spree, but in rehab. Mandla is worried that the sheep are not going to arrive on time. Alyce and Refilwe resolve their problems and have an emotional moment when Refliwe sees her daughter in her wedding outfit. Mandla beams when he sees Alcye entering Oppiekoffie with her entourage. The boutique girls must work fast when they see there is something wrong with Alyces’ Zulu outfit. Alyce gets het Zulu name “Khanyisile” which means “to lighten up”. The meat arrives on time, the Zulu outfit got fixed just in time and the party kicks off on a high note.

9th November
Diederik has problems with his friends’ “voices” for his assignment and has to make a plan. Elsabe accused Oom Pottie for the chemical balance of the swimming pool. Isabelle gets some news that will jeopardise their mosaic course. Herman has to make a tough decision with regards to his workers.

10th November
Herman has to reconsider Gita’s offer, but decides against it if he hears why she’s doing it. Hilda insists that Vince and Vanessa change the photo’s of the flat. Altus is worried when he hears what is going on with the JP’s contract. Xander accuses Vanessa for the mess Studio 7 is in.

11th November
Neville can’t handle the conciseness of Charmaine’s house anymore and suggest something that shocks Charmaine. T and T are sabotaged and this forces Herman to take drastical steps. Oubaas is in shock when Zandile comes in and want to know about the flats for twenty ten. Marko and Altus have a fight over JP’s and Marko decides this is it.

12th November
Herman tells San-Mari and Lukas that he can save T and T. Marko realises that he over reacted and asks Altus for a second chance. Zandile takes revenge when she finds out what Oubaas and his clan planned behind her back.

13th November
Herman has a fight with Gita when she order them around in T an T. Will Xander be able to calm Zandile and convince her to make peace with Oubaas? Dawid gives Emma a gift that is worth a fortune. Two of the 7de Laners discover unexpected romantic emotions towards each other.

16th November
Alyce and Mandla are back from their honeymoon and Alyce tells people what she thinks of her in laws. Mandla confronts Elsabé about stealing the swimming pool story. Dawid gets a document from Australia that upsets him. Zandile asks for a meeting to discuss what will happen with the flat for 2010.

17th November
Dawid has to make plans in order to get some money. Gita and the Coverland people arrive at Theron and Terreblanche and Herman sees what his staff is capable of. Diederik gets back his results for his assignement. Altus and San-Mari go on their first date.

18th November
Mandla makes it clear what he thinks of Elsabé’s research. Altus asks San-Mari on a second date and she struggles to give him an answer. Emma is uneasy when Dawid lies to her. Altus is upset when he gets news on the JP’s contract.

19th November
Altus takes drastic steps when he hears why they didn’t get the JP’s contract. San-Mari resents the way she handled Altus and tries to find a way to make up with him. Neville is shocked when Charmaine tells him how she feels about moving.

20th November
Mandla gets new information on the swimming pool story. Dawid gets good news from Isabelle, but it makes Emma uneasy. San-Mari tries to get Altus’ attention at the Heuwels Fantasities performance in the club, but someone else gets Altus on the dance floor.

23rd November
Neville tells everyone what he and Charmaine decided about the house. Mandla gets an idea of who is responsible for the swimming pool scandal. Herman sees how Emma is crying and is furious about it.

24th November
What will Dawid do when Herman confronts him about Emma? Neville is upset when he finds out that Hillside Times published false information. Dawid gets desperate for money and asks Isabelle to help.

25th November
Tim gives Elsabè a warning, but she has other ideas. The gallery trio decide to launch a competition that involves the Hillside Times. Marko is convinced that he has a golden opportunity and he gets ready for action.

26th November
San-Mari throws a party for all her friends without inviting Altus. Gita is looking for a new challenge – what has she got up her sleeve this time? Everybody is in shock when they see what Altus and San-Mari are up to.

27th November
Isabelle and Vanessa try to convince Xander to employ Pieter, but will they succeed? Matrone asks Ryno about a photo of a woman in Ryno’s wallet. A frustrated Dawid can’t seem to get going with his painting and takes it out on Emma.


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