7de Laan: Janine’s Drug Addiction

In Friday night’s episode of 7de Laan, I actually felt very sorry for Janine, played by Crystal-Donna Roberts (who will be 25 years old tomorrow 13 October!)janine

That says a lot, because that Janine has been getting on my last nerve ever since she’s gotten involved with Errol.

I think it’s mainly because she’s treated Errol badly and he’s been through a lot already in his short life.

Seeing Janine looking so desperate and out of control in her addicted state is sad.  Hopefully it’s driving the message home to teenagers.

Although her stealing stuff out of shops in the Laan says a lot more about security around there.

However, seeing how quickly drugs can turn a relatively good child into an addict is probably a lot more effective than having an adult preach about the risks of getting involved with drugs.

Crystal-Donna Roberts is doing a good job in portraying an addict.  You can feel her desperation.

The only problem is that Errol is a viewer favourite and anything Janine does to get him in trouble will not endear to viewers.

Read a quick interview with Janine’s portrayer here.

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