7de laan: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

7de Laan is going through one of it’s boring phases again.

I usually workout while the Laan plays in the background, but with the lull in storylines, I rather keep my earphones plugged in while listening to 5fm at 6.30pm.

Or like yesterday evening – fall asleep on the couch.

I am not a fan of Vanessa and Xander –  seeing those two on my screen is nothing short of painful.   That gallery story blahhhh!

Have Vanessa and Xander ever been on a honeymoon – maybe Gita should give them a holiday to somewhere very far for a very long time.

Errol and Janine is mercifully over too.  There’s just so much as one can take of Janine’s buddy and drug pusher, Yvonne!  Hopefully we never have to see that girl again.

As for Janine, if she behaves  – she can stay.  The girl who plays her is a lot better actress than some of the veterans in the Laan.

Emma and Dawid Greeff have to be the most annoying twosome currently residing in the Laan.  Even more irritating than Vanessa and Xander.

And that says a lot – coming from this Vanessa hater.

Hopefully things will pick up in the Laan soon.  Probably when Paula comes back in December.

Until then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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