7de Laan Spoilers: December 2009

Thank you to Kelly from 7 de laan fansite for the 7de Laan teasers for the second week in December 2009.

SABC 2 has chosen to only put up the second week in the meantime. Will update as soon as they put out the rest of December.

1 December 2009
Marko has an appointment with the PR Girl from Miss Madeleine – will he be able to impress her? Stan asks San-Mari to accompany him to a function which leaves her feeling uncomfortable. Dawid sees Herman and Emma together and that makes him feel discouraged.

2 December 2009
Gita attacks San-Mari and tells her that she must keep Stan happy. Emma makes a drastic decision about the painting Dawid made for her. Vince realises something fishy is going on with Zandile. Altus finds out about Miss Madeleine and confronts Marko and that leads to a major fight.

3 December 2009
San-Mari realises how much the Coverland deal means to Herman and she is forced to make a decision with about Stan. Emma is worried about how Dawid will react when he hears what she did. Clara finds out the truth about Marko and Bruynwaves and makes a decision about their relationship

4 December 2009
: Mango Groove plays in the club and everyone has a ball. Errol gets an unexpected visitor who leaves him heartbroken. Altus gets a surprise when Sanet arrives at his office. Marko tries to patch things up with Clara – will she agree? Emma is devastated when she hears the news about Dawid.

Episode 24 : 07 December 2009
Neville wonders why Marko wants to meet with him. Marko tells Clara why he lied to her, but will she forgive him? San-Mari makes a date with Stan and tries to keep it from Altus. Stan puts San-Mari in a very uncomfortable position.

Episode 25 : 08 December 2009
The girls hear about the Miss Madeleine competition and two of them decide to enter. Isabelle takes a look at Pieter’s painting and wonders about it. San-Mari gets tackled about her evening with Stan and Altus is also furious.

Episode 26 : 09 December 2009
Annelie and Clara find out that only one of them is through to the Miss Madelaine competition. Matrone gets shocking news which can lead to her trip to the Bahamas not happening. Zandile breaks the news about the 2010 plans and everyone is mystified. Pieter finds out if he is one of the finalists for Studio 7’s competition.

Episode 27 : 10 December 2009
Dawid is back and goes to Emma with a request, but will she accept? It is one crisis after the other with the Miss Madeleine launch. Miss Hugo’s flight is delayed but she arrives just in time and is actually well known in Hillside. Pieter is intrigued when they crown the winner, but one of the judges beats him to his plans.

Episode 28 : 11 December 2009
Oubaas and Vince try to convince Zandile to change her mind – will they succeed this time? Pieter reacts very strangely when the Hillsiders talk about their childhood. Alyce confronts Altus about his attitude towards San-Mari and he decides to go to the flat, even though he wasn’t invited.

14 December 2009
Pieters’ behaviour makes Xander, Vanessa and Annelie feel uneasy. Zandile is vague about her plans for 2010. She has a telephone conversation and Maria understands it and get suspicious. Altus asks Sanet whether she has any new information about Miss Hugo. Marko gets a mysterious call which leaves him confused.

18 December 2009
Pieter manages to upset Annelie once again and she makes a decision about the situation. Everybody says goodbye to Marko. Charmaine is suspicious when Francois wants information on Oppiekoffie.

21 December 2009
Clara is very sad about Marko, but Errol gets a way to cheer her up. Matrone gets bad news about her loan application and hears that she must keep the bazaar money with her. Pieter talks about how he grew up and what he wants to do in future. Emma and Gita exchange words and Gita comes up with a sly plan.

22 December 2009
Emma reads an article in a gossip newspaper which upsets her. Matrone squirms when Oubaas asks her about the bazaar money. Miss Hugo arrives and Sanet is shocked by what she does. Pieter is shocked when he sees a photo in Ryno’s wallet.

23 December 2009
Alyce must make a plan when Maria confronts her about the jam. Altus realises that San-Mari is insecure about Paula and that he needs to do something about it. Dawid gets a strange request which makes Emma uncomfortable. Charmaine breaks shocking news to the Oppiekoffie team.

Episode 37 – December 24
Zandile breaks shocking news about the Heights. Errol has a clever way to get Charmaine a big Christmas gift. Paula tries to hide how she feels about Altus and San-Mari’s relationship. Matrone decides she must tell the truth about the bazaar money. Pieter gets news about the art competition and he has mixed emotions.

Episode 38 – December 25
Matrone makes a warmhearted gesture to the elderly for Christmas. Oubaas eats too much again – what will happen to him this time? Emma is upset when Anne takes up Dawids’ time. Pieter gets news from the art school and he is upset.

Episode 39 – December 28, 2009
Anne invites Emma and Dawid to have dinner with her and her husband, but will Emma be willing to do it?  Isabelle curb’s Pieter’s enthusiasm and future plans. Paula need to cover up her plans for the evening.

Episode 40 – December 29, 2009
Neville promises something to Charmaine and then doesn’t do it.  Emma is worried about the fact that Dawid defencs Anne.  Everyone is shocked when they see who the new owner of the Heights is.  Pieter goes to Ryno and shock him with some news.

Episode 41 – December 30, 2009
How will Ryno react on the news from Pieter?  Herman’s feelings for Emma are clear.  Dawid must decide if he is going to work with Anne or if he must cancel an appointment with Emma.  Paula spoils a romantic evening for Altus and San-Mari.

December 31, 2009
Dawid and Emma have an argument about Anne who take up all Dawid’s time, will they be able to reconciled this time?  Errol has to make a plan to go to the club without anyone recognizing him.  Paula has an escort for New Year’s Eve, but who will kiss her when they do they countdown?

Episode 43 – January 1, 2010
Gita explains why there are people hammering in the Heights.  Altus wants to speak about his feelings for Paula, but San-Mari makes it impossible.  Ryno goes to Pieter and tells him exactly what he wants from him.


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