7de Laan News: Paula and Altus (Spoiler)

According to Die Burger we won’t have to wait too long for the Paula/Altie reunion.

Apparently the two make their feelings known for each other on 5 January 2010!

We know how long 7de Laan writers likes to drag things out and the Paula/Altus relationship has been tested many times over.

Just when it looks like things are about to work out, one of two things happen:

1. Paula or Altus falls for someone else…
2. Paula has to go find herself and then comes back with stories of wild relationships with other men. She even came back with an ex-girlfried of a man she dated. Remember the Flooze?

Hopefully the path to love runs smoother this time and the two either date for a long time or gets married.

With thanks to Kelly from 7de Laan fansite for the heads up on the spoiler.


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