7de Laan: San-Mari and Altus?

Although spoilers prepaired us for Altus/San-Marie, I was still disappointed to see the pair flirting at the end of tonight’s episode of 7de Laan.

Of course it’s unfair to expect an attractive, successful young man like Altus to remain single forever.

Or until Paula eventually finds herself.

I can see why the pretty red-head would hold appeal to a man who’s been all work since Paula’s departure months ago.

But did he have to fall for that particular self-proclaimed gold-digger San-Mari…


She dumped nice guy Diederick for wanting to be a waiter.

Then she tried to get him to apply for a job at Bruynwaves, when he clearly didn’t want to.

(Oh and this girl isn’t exactly improving her own career prospects.)

Finally she dated his cousin Marko. Lead him by the nose and then broke his heart.

Not that any one besides Paula can be good enough for Altie.

As Ms Gold-digger will soon find out.


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