7de Laan: Just Waiting for Paula to Come Back!

None of the current storylines hold much interest for me on 7de laan these days – maybe only Zandile’s return.  I always love the antagonistic chemistry between Zandile and Oubaas. 

The two are usually very funny in their scenes- a very proper Zandile, owner of The Heights and Oubaas who is the complete opposite.  Oubaas’ complete fear of the woman!

I liked that short storyline of Zandile finding out about Oubaas, Hilda, Maria and Vince’s plan to rent out flats for World cup 2010 and then going into business with them. 

For the rest:

  1. Gita helping Herman was okay – thinking about it now, Herman and Gita might actually make an interesting couple if the writers choose to go there. 
  2. Emma gets on my last nerve and so does her boyfriend Dawid.  I will just never like the Dawid character – maybe if they changed the actor.  Dawid actually scolded his ex-wife Tiffany for not keeping him informed about his daughter! Hello…how’s that her responsibility? He acts like he is sooooooo entitled! Can’t stand him! Not liking the actor either.
  3. The ongoing gallery story. OMW! Can you handle Xander and Vanessa first fighting, then making up over every last thing.  Vanessa is my most disliked character on that soapie.
  4. Neville, Charmaine and the house! Grrrrrrr. Mercifully it’s almost over – now we have to just put up with renovations!
  5. I don’t even want to see Altus and San-Mari!  Not until Paula is back.

There is a nice looking young man on the scene. Maybe he’ll liven things up for a while.

The rest is just feeder storylines until Paula returns on 10 December!


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