7de Laan: Paula is BACK!

Last night Paula van der Lecq returned to the Laan in the form of Miss Hugo.

Unfortunately I fell asleep before 7de Laan even came on.  My intention was to just rest for a few minutes, but next thing I knew it was 7.00pm!  Paula


However, Kelly from 7de Laan fansite came to the rescue with this update:

“well Paula was super late and as Altus was about to announce Miss Hugo was delayed Sanet told him she was there. Altie recognized her but could not do anything. He was very flustered and went outside for air leaving Marko to take over. Aggie and crew were all saying look it’s Paula.
Altie came back from his air and said to Aggie he’s going to confront Paula. When he went up to her Paula was taken back by him and quickly escort away. Shame Altie was very upset. He is not sure if it’s her.”

I hope to catch Paula tonight on the Laan and again on Sunday if I’m home.


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