7de Laan: She’s BACK!

After months off finding herself – in the UK and Ireland appararently – Paula made a dramatic appearance at the end of last night’s 7de Laan episode.

We’ll likely find out the details of her Miss Madeleine ownership in due course.paula

Of course Paula had made an appearance about 10 days ago in the form of Miss Hugo – with veil and (not very good) disguise.

Altus was thrown when he saw her at the Miss Madeleine launch, although he wasn’t 100% certain that it was Paula.

Since then he has tried to find out more about Miss Hugo from the PR person employed to organise the international cosmetics brand’s launch.

He also helped find a premises for her new cosmetics outlet and took an interest in the lease agreement and generally looked out for her, beyond the launch.

Pretty much like Altie always does with Paula.

And even though Altus is in a very new relationship with San-Mari, he seemed very bemused with Miss Hugo’s goings on. Much in the same way as he was always bemused with Paula’s anticsaltus

So Paula eventually turned up at Bruynwaves yesterday evening – again with veil over her face.

When she took her hat off, all she said was Altie! And then they kissed!  

Perfect ending to the episode. A great pay off for Paula/Altus fans.

Of course Paula doesn’t yet know about San-Mari and Altus stilll has to properly end that relationship. So we’ll likely have a few dramatic days before one of 7de Laan’s favourite couples get back together.


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