7de Laan: January 2010 Spoilers

January 2010 spoilers for 7de Laan have started trickling in.

With thanks to SABC2 and Kelly from 7delaanfansite:

Episode 43 – January 1, 2010
Gita explains why there are people hammering in the Heights. Altus wants to speak about his feelings for Paula, but San-Mari makes it impossible. Ryno goes to Pieter and tells him exactly what he wants from him.

Episode 44 – 4th January 2010
Gita feels the baby kicking; will this make her start to soften towards Tim? Paula tries to avoid Altus because she can’t handle the tension between them. Isabelle tries to find out from Pieter about his mother who he made a portrait of. Anne makes things between her and Dawid uncomfortable when someone sees her coming out of his flat late at night.

Episode 45 – 5th January 2010
Gita shares her plans for the Heights. Paula and Altus confess how they feel about each other, but what are they going to do? Zinzi spreads gossip that upsets Emma and she ends up crying on another mans shoulder. Tim finds out how Pieter fits into the picture and tries to convince Ryno to talk about it.

Episode 46 – 6th January 2010
Vanessa has a plan on how they can get the plans for the Heights. Ryno gives Pieter an ultimatum, will he fall for it? Emma expects the worst when Dawid cannot tell her why Anne took the decision she did. Paula and Altus are alone; will Altus be able to stop himself from kissing her?

Episode 47 – 7th January 2010
Annelie makes a decision about her relationship with Pieter. How will Tim react if Isabelle opens up to him about Pieter. Paula is upset when she hears that Altus is pulling out of Miss Madeleine and that she has something to do with it.

Episode 48 – 8th January 2010
Will Gita be able to keep Felicity convinced that she doesn’t have any plans for the Boutique. Paula tries to avoid Altus but he doesn’t allow her too. Mandla does an interview with Anne about Dawid, what is she going to divulge? Isabelle finally hears what’s been bothering Pieter.

Episodes courtesy of tvsa.co.za:

Monday, 11 January 2010
Episode 2131

Tima and Aggie find out exactly what Gita is planning with the Heights. Isabelle hopes that Tim can tell her more about Ryno and Pieter.

Paula is committed to stop this thing with Altus, but isn’t sure if she’ll be able to. There is confrontation, reconciliation and anxiety between Emma and Dawid.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Episode 2132

How will Isabelle react when she hears Ryno’s tragic story? Dawid tries to support Anne when he sees what happened after her husband has read the article about them.

Emma is crushed about what she sees when she goes to Dawid. Kabelo sees someone taking pictures of Dawid and Anne.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Episode 2133

Maria is suspicious about Soekie. Aggie tells San-Mari and Alyce what Gita’s plans are with the Heights. A confrontation between Emma and Dawid end unresolved.

Pieter doesn’t want to go to the exhibition and Xander has a talk with him. Tim is touched by Pieter’s art and speaks to Ryno about it.

Thursday, 14 January 2010
Episode 2134

Dawid is uneasy when Anne tells him that she and Max have had a reconciliation. Gita takes Tim on about his involvement in her plans with the Heights.

Oubaas and Hilda spoil San-Mari’s plans with Altus and she is furious when she gets home and sees what’s going on.

Friday, 15 January 2010
Episode 2135

San-Mari takes drastic steps against Paula and Altus. Hilda wants to organise something in honour of Soekie’s award.

Will Pieter have sympathy when he hears why Ryno is so inaccessible? Isabelle confronts Ryno, she feels he is punishing her and Pieter for something they didn’t do.

Monday, 18 January 2010
Episode 2136

The residents of the Heights want to take action, but Gita puts a stop to it. San-Mari gets humiliated when she hears what everyone has to say about Altus and Paula. Ryno is shocked when Tim speaks to him. Dawid tries to reach out to Emma, but will she accept it?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Episode 2137

It is obvious that Errol recognises Soekie, and they aren’t good memories. San-Mari takes revenge against Paula. Xander wonders why Max would have sent the pictures to the newspaper. Tim makes contact with Pieter, but how will Pieter react?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Episode 2138

Errol reveals what he knows about Soekie. Emma is in a state when she hears what Dawid’s plans are.

Anne loses it when she sees the PI again. Emma is shocked when she sees what is going on with Anne and Dawid. Dawid finds something terrible in his flat.

Thursday, 21 January 2010
Episode 2139

Can Emma believe Dawid about what happened? Will San-Mari succeed to create conflict between Paula and Altus? Hilda hopes that Gita will have a change of heart if she pleads for the Heights. Errol puts two and two together with Soekie.

Friday, 22 January 2010
Episode 2140

Emma can’t switch of her feelings for Dawid and takes drastic steps. Soekie hears something about Oubaas and Hilda that makes her smile. Tim has a plan to make the people conscious about the Heights dilemma. San-Mari gets hold of Paula’s dress for the Miss Madeleine cocktail.

25 January 2010
San-Mari takes revenge against Paula at the Miss Madeleine launch. How will Gita react when she sees that Tim takes her on through the Hillside Times? Herman wonders about the murder when Xander tells him something. Matrone speaks to Ryno and is sympathetic towards his struggle.

26 January 2010
Charmaine gets upset when she talks about Oppiekoffie and she confronts Gita. Isabelle is scared that she missed her last chance to reconcile with Ryno. Paula realises what San-Mari did and she and Altus has a fight over it. Errol is shocked when he hears what Oubaas is planning to do with his money. Herman tries to figure something out with regards to the murder.

27 January 2010
Tim got a TV program involved in his campaign and they want to interview Hilda – will she say the right things, or will Tim have to take over? How will Gita react to the interview with Charmaine in the newspaper? Herman goes to theatre and something in the play makes him wonder about the murder.

28 January 2010
How will Paula react when she sees Altus and San-Mari together? Gita takes drastic steps with because of all the negative publicity around her development. Errol hears about Oubaas and Hilda’s planned investment and reacts frantic. Herman makes an arrangement to see Anne and makes a shocking allegation.

29 January 2010
Herman gets the truth about the murder on tape. Pieter gets news from the Kellerman foundation that could pay for his studies. Gita goes into action, she doesn’t get intimidated by the petition. Mandla refuses to buy Errol’s story about Soekie without concrete facts.


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