7de Laan: Paula and Altie OMW!

Last night’s 7de Laan episode was so sweet – the parts that had Paula and Altie, anyway.

Since Paula’s been back in the Laan she had to watch the love of her life dating her roommate.

She believed it was over for her and unselfishly told Alice that Altus deserved happiness and San-Mari was there to pick up the pieces while Paula was traipsing around the world.

Altus on the other hand thought Paula was no longer interested in him and told Vince that Paula probably met plenty of rich good-looking men overseas.

However, the two were obviously still very much in love with each other.

Paula tried to avoid Altus, but the Laan being the Laan made it almost impossible to do so.

In Wednesday evening’s episode, Paula and Altus had to attend a dinner meeting with one of the Miss Madeleine bosses at a restaurant.

Conveniently (but who cares) the boss couldn’t make it leaving the former couple to have dinner and reminisce about some of their past dinner dates.

(Paula looked gorgeous in her pink dress. Even at Oppiekoffie earlier, she made fashionable redhead San-Marie look like a plain jane.)

At the end of the evening Altus dropped Paula at home. They chatted for a while outside her door. You could tell Altus wanted to kiss her. But he left instead ;-(

At least they now both know how the other feels.

(Diaan Lawrenson is one of the best actors on 7de Laan. She again showed that vulnerability that makes Paula such a popular character.)

San-Marie is almost history and I almost feel sorry for her. ALMOST 😀


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