7de Laan: February 2010 Spoilers

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1 February 2010
Dawid hears what’s happening with the accusations against him. The Heights’ residents take drastic steps against Gita, and it seems as if it concerns her. Does San-Mari have any plans to forgive Paula?

2 February 2010
Gita explains what is going to happen after the march. Will Ryno go to Pieter’s exhibition? Emma realises what will happen with her relationship with Dawid. Soekie takes drastic steps to make sure Errol doesn’t stop her plans.

3 February 2010
How will Altus react if he sees that Paula and San-Mari are fighting again? Anne is stopped when she tries to flee. Mandla is very suspicious when Errol changes his story about tannie Soekie. Gita explains to Tim why she planned everything and both of them get emotional.

4February 2010
Zinzi brings news about Gita. Anne explains why she doesn’t have any remorse about what she did. Errol is stressed when he hears what Oubaas and Hilda are planning. Isabelle speaks to Ryno about his indifference towards Pieter.

5 February 2010
Matrone gets a plan to raise funds to pay Aggie. What will Mandla do when Errol tells him the whole story about tannie Soekie? Emma wonders where she fits in with Dawid’s plans and asks him directly. Pieter confronts Ryno and have to leave with his tail between his legs

8 February 2010
A sneaky Matrone has another plan to raise funds. Emma is shocked when she hears about Dawid’s plans. Pieter is nowhere to be found and Ryno realise where he is. Mandla and Errol gets information on Soekie that changes their investigation.

9 February 2010
Annelie is in a flat spin when she realise that there are more implications for Pieter’s situation. Dawid greats Helena in jail and gets an unsuspected reaction. Errol and Mandla must get the final evidence against Soekie while Oubaas and Hilda are at the point where they will hand over their money. Will Errol and Mandla succeed to put a stop to it?

10 February 2010
Ryno visits Pieter in hospital, but how will he react when he sees who are there already. Gita organises a press conference where she reveals her newest plans. Dawid says how he feels about Emma and she realises it again. Dawid gets a phone call from jail, which helps him to decide what to do with Anne’s portrait.

11 February 2010
Will Neville be able to answer all Charmaine’s questions about the quotations? Errol receives a typical Hilda-gift to say thank you. Emotions runs high when there is a change in Pieter’s situation. Gita must watch as Tim gets a lot of praise, how will she react?

12 February 2010
Ryno puts a stop to Matrone’s plans to raise funds. Gita receives a fax that makes her very uneasy. Isabelle is emotional and hopeful that there will be a reconciliation between Ryno and Pieter. Herman covers when he is asked about his feelings for Emma.

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Monday, 15 February 2010
Episode 2156

Oubaas buys some of Matrone’s cakes and tarts and has to be careful that Hilda doesn’t find out. Gita makes a suggestion to Burning Bricks but they are not interested. Pieter is stubborn when he hears what Ryno wants to do.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
Episode 2157

Gita has an idea when she hears that Studio 7 is in financial difficulty. Oubaas eats too much of the cakes, what will he do when Hilda later gives him all his favourite dishes? Isabelle thanks Ryno for the way he handled Pieter and something unexpected happens.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Episode 2158

The young crowd makes a plan to play a prank on Diederik and he falls for it. Hilda gets worried about Oubaas’ appetite and Maria is suspicious. Gita is desperate and contacts an old friend. Ryno makes a suggestion to Isabelle, but will she agree?

Thursday, 18 February 2010
Episode 2159

The girls make sure that Diederik believes that the cream is working. Herman is planning something for Theron and Terreblanche that could bring in a lot of money.

Clara suspects that there is something developing between Herman and Felicity. Xander and Vanessa get an unexpected letter and Gita’s plan becomes clear.

Friday, 19 February 2010
Episode 2160

Will Neville be able to get answers for Charmaine’s questions about the alterations? San-Mari makes sure that Diederik doesn’t have any doubts about the cream’s powers. Hilda gets more suspicious of Oubaas and confronts him. Gita finds out what Xander and Vanessa plan to do with the offer.


Monday, 22 February 2010
Episode 2161

Pieter’s operation is today and there is great uncertainty about the end result. Altus tells Diederik he must see a stylist to change his image, but will Diederik go that far?

Charmaine is shocked about Neville’s reaction to her plans with Oppiekoffie. Hilda wants to find out what Oubaas is doing and that leads to big problems for him.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Episode 2162

Errol is very excited when he hears what Neville is planning for him. Tim makes a suggestion to Charmaine with regards to her plans with Oppiekoffie.

How will the young people react when they hear what Theron and Terreblanche has in store? Will Gita be happy when she finds out what Vanessa’s doing?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010
Episode 2163

What will Clara do when she finds out what her friends are doing to Diederik? Pieter is uncomfortable with Ryno’s suggestion. Charmaine is driven to get some money. Oubaas is down in the dumps but Aggie comes to his recue.

Thursday, 25 February 2010
Episode 2164

Charmaine and Neville fights over more than one issue, will they make peace soon? Isabelle gives Oubaas some advice. Ryno asks Isabelle to move back to his house, but what will she decide?

Friday, 26 February 2010
Episode 2165

Errol is discouraged when he gets feedback about his essay. Charmaine and Gita negotiate over Oppiekoffie, but will they get to an agreement? What will Diederik and Clara do to teach their friends a lesson? Gita and Allan are happy with their progress.


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