7de Laan: Oooh That San-Mari is a Witch!

Apologies to all good witches out there, but I couldn’t use the word I wanted to use to describe that freaking San-Mari!

Who does she think she is, taking her heartbreak out on Paula?

It’s not as if Paula was the one who broke her heart.

And she dated Altus for about two weeks!

How was their relationship serious.

Regardless, why did San-Mari have to spoil Paula’s dress?

Firstly, she could have left that ugly green dress with the even uglier hair accessory alone and still looked better than Paula.

San-Mari just came off looking petty and nasty.

Altus made it clear that Paula is the girl for him. San-Mari should move on and find someone who thinks she’s the one.

Grrrr I hate when soapies pit two women against each other over a man.


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