7de Laan Cast News: Bertha le Roux Wahl Pregnant

I read some interesting 7de Laan snippets in the 4 Feb 2010 issue of You magazine.

Firstly Bertha le Roux who plays Emma is 20 weeks pregnant! She is expecting their second child in June.

It will be interesting to see how Bertha’s pregnancy will affect Emma. Will they make her pregnant with Dawid Greeff’s child, make her pick up weight as a response to her romantic drama or try to hide her behind the Eclectic E counter?

The next bit of news has Theo Jantjies (Xander) seen out and about with model Lariza Ferreira. In December he attended Heino Schmidts wedding with Idol joint winnes Sasha Lee Davids’ sister.

No harm in having fun, Theo!


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