7de Laan: Diaan (Paula) is Pregnant!

7de Laan’s Diaan Lawrenson and fiance Jody Abrahams’ pregnancy is featured in next week’s You Magazine.

Diaan is expecting their baby (a girl) in June this year. The same month as Bertha le Roux Wahl (Emma).

What this will mean for Paula, the heavens alone knows!

Was that witch (witi a capital B), San-Mari, foreshadowing a future storyline when she last night bitterly declared Paula to be too selfish to love Altus? And that she would break his heart again?

One can only hope not!

Diaan told You magazine that the 7de Laan producers told her she could take all the time off she needs after her baby is born.

Of course I wish Diaan and Jody well with the rest of the pregnancy and birth.

As for Paula though…we had to wait so long for her to return last year…


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