7de Laan: Pieter is so HOT!

When Pieter, played by Ivan Botha, first arrived in the Laan, he was such a angry, volatile and rude character.  Yet we saw beautiful blue eyes and glimpses of his lovely smile once in a while.

So we knew it existed!

With time, we heard more about his background story – like his mother dying in a car accident when he was very young and him growing up in an orphanage.  Shame, man!

Okay, so there was a good reason for Pieter’s anger, but still…

Then he fell in love with Annelie, giving us a bit more of that dazzling smile, although she (and we) were still intermittently treated to moments of pure rudeness.

Of all the people in the Laan (excluding Annelie of course), Isabelle was the only one to look past the anger and rudeness and saw Pieter’s talent.  Most of us, like the other 7de Laan residents, would have written him off.  Not Isabelle.

She became more like a big sister figure to him, encouraging him to trust his talent, resulting in him winning the art competition.

The big secret though was that Pieter is Ryno’s half brother and despite what he says, Pieter wants a relationship with his older brother.

Seems like after Pieter’s accident (or was it a suicide attempt), Ryno might be more open to such a relationship as he offered to pay for Pieter’s surgery.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Hopefully Pieter will remain around the Laan for a while still as he is certainly eye-candy for the ladies.


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