7de Laan: Ryno and Isabelle at Last

It’s taken a very long time, but now it looks like my second favourite 7de Laan couple (behind Paula and Altie), are back together again!

Ryno has decided that his mother’s betrayal of him when he was young had cost him too many relationships and it was time to stop letting it haunt him.

He actually acknowledged his many marriages – 4 that I can remember.

His first wife, Barbara, who he divorced before we viewers knew him, also Christelle Terblanche, Annette – the redhead who died, and Emma.

He was also seriously involved with that “American” actress Debbie Meyer as well as Sandra Stutterheim and of course Isabelle.

After dumping Isabelle for having an affair with Dawid Greeff, it looked like Ryno would never ever forgive her.

Even though she terribly regretted falling for that rat, Dawid.

That day has finally arrived. Isabelle and Ryno finally spoke without fighting, he invited her for Evelina’s chicken pie and then asked if they could try their relationship again.

Isabelle agreed! *PHEW*

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