7de Laan is the Best Soapie in SA

Last weekend 7de Laan was voted the best soapie in the land by viewers.  It  shows 7de laan fans are the most loyal as they actually voted.

I can totally relate…

This last week was extremely busy and stressful for me.  I had to come home from work and immediately had to start on UNISA assignments for my Diploma in Information Technology as I have to hand in by Friday 5 March and I still had a few things to do.

I had about a total of 1 hour of tvtime for the week (not good for an admitted tv addict!) – until Thursday, when I reached breaking point.

Then I did what any sane person could do.  I turned on my favourite soapie, chilled on the couch for half an hour and got lost in 7de laan’s stories.   Friday I did the same thing.

Fortunately there was Paula action and very little storyline involving Gita and San-Mari to spoil the fun, though I could have done with less Vanessa!

None of the other soapies have that effect –  I sometimes watch Isidingo and Generations – and they’re just a lot darker than 7de Laan. 

The US soapies like Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful don’t even come close – they’re just repetitive and boring most of the time.


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